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We are holding classes as scheduled.

We strive to achieve our goal of helping protect the public by properly arming and training citizens. As providers of firearms training to the public, our services are essential to the preservation of public safety and welfare, so we will continue to operate as normal.

We put the utmost emphasis on serving the public and protecting the safety of our valued community members. In our training facility, we have 5 independently controlled climate zones, including our shooting range air handler and filtration system, which uses a series of industrial HEPA filters to condition and cycle out all of the air inside the structure more than 3x per hour. 

We have been sticking to a rigorous schedule of sanitization of all surfaces and have implemented rigid hygiene protocols for all employees who come into contact with the public. We had a professional disinfectant service fumigate the building and all services this morning. We value public safety very highly, and we are doing everything we can to help ensure that our guests remain safe and healthy. 

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Why You Need a Class

To get your Concealed Handgun Permit, Nebraska law requires a State Patrol approved training course to be completed in person.  

How it Works

1. Complete our training course. 

2. File with the State Patrol.

3. Your permit arrives via mail.

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Our Promise to You

We take pride in offering the very best materials, instruction and value in the area. 

We will answer all of your questions to ensure that you receive your permit with no hassle.

Our Philosophy

What We Do

As providers of state approved firearms training, we are proud to play a part in arming responsible Americans. During classes, we make sure to thoroughly explain firearms safety, plus your legal rights and responsibilities as a concealed carry permit holder. 

Experienced and new shooters are welcome. Our goal is to ensure that every student leaves with all the knowledge and skills needed to improve safely through practice. We are 100% customer focused and will work tirelessly to provide you with an exceptional experience.


Contact Us

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If you have questions about our programs, training or the permit process, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are located inside Athena Arms indoor shooting range.

Nebraska Personal Defense

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