class day


Where to go:

• Class is held at Athena Arms

• Doors open at 10:00.
• There will be breaks every hour.
• Refreshments and snacks are free all day. 

• Class typically ends around 5:00 pm.

What to bring:

• Your unloaded handgun.

• Casual clothing with a sturdy belt.

• Valid photo ID for notarization.

• You will need 30 rounds of ammo.

• Eye & ear protection is provided.

If you need a rental:

• Handgun rentals are $25, plus ammunition.

• Let us know you need a rental when you arrive. 

• We'll take care of the rest.

We Keep You Informed

Soon after signing up, one of our managers will send you a personalized confirmation email, which will contain detailed instructions for your class day. We will tell you what to bring and and what to expect. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


getting your nebraska permit

The State of Nebraska requires residents to complete approved training (like ours) before a person may apply for a Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit. After completing training, the State Patrol charges $100 to file your Concealed Handgun Permit application, which is payable directly to the State Patrol Barracks via cash or check when you apply. This fee is separate from the cost of the training we offer. The State Patrol does not directly provide this training - they entrust organizations like ours to certify individual applicants. 

We provide a comfortable classroom environment and provide everything you will need, including a notarized State Patrol application, plus free snacks and refreshments. You will leave the course at the end of the day with everything you will need to go straight to the Nebraska State Patrol barracks near you and submit your application. After that, you simply wait for your permit to arrive in the mail. 

Once you sign up for a class, you will receive a personalized email from our General Manger that contains all of the information and details you will need to attend your upcoming class. If your schedule changes after signing up, you may reschedule or cancel your class at any time for no additional fee.

There are no prior training requirements to attend this course. 


For visitors and travelers, Nebraska recognizes concealed carry permits from many states. Nebraska residents may not carry concealed without a Nebraska issued Concealed Handgun Permit.

The Nebraska State Patrol is responsible for managing the implementation of the Concealed Handgun Permit Act in accordance with Nebraska Legislative Bill 454 and Nebraska Administrative Code, Title 272, Chapter 21.

Their website is an excellent resource that explains the permit process and requirements in detail.


Call, email or stop in any time.

We are your one-stop solution to getting your permit, so we are always happy to answer any questions you have.

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